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$35 consultation fee, rates begin at $40 an hour. 

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GOT CLUTTER?? We can help with that plus leave your space clean and organized!!


Throughout my life I've seemed to naturally organize my friends homes or places I've worked. In 2015 my career on the super yachts as a Stewardess began. During down time I would take it upon myself to rearrange the cluttered and disorganized areas of the boats. My clients noticed my attention to detail and began hiring me to do the same for their homes, closets and storage units, etc. I loved doing it so much I decided it was time to turn my passion into a business. We Professionally Organize in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm and the surroundings areas and are willing to travel much farther if needed.

Sometimes you just need that little push and that's what we are here to help you with!

No job is too small and there is no pressure to dispose of anything.

This client just needed me to straighten up her pantry and a few linen and clothes closets.

Over the years I've organized jobs so large it took 5 dumpsters to haul everything away. But I've also handled ones that took a few hours such as pantries or closet's. We are also a great help with packing and unpacking for the big move, especially if you can't decide what stays and what goes.

 It can be hard to let go of items you've grown an attachment too. At CSO, we understand this and won't put any pressure on you to dispose of anything if you don't want to. We simply come in and organize your belongings into fit and tidy places. Once you begin exploring through your things though, you will find it becomes quite easy to naturally downsize.

Carrie's Space Organizing is here when you are ready and just need that little nudge to get started.

Our environment and what we put in it is very important to us!

4 years ago, long before I knew it would come in handy, so please excuse the quality.

The was my very first detailing and organizing job!  The client and I worked as a team to clean out and organize his very cluttered garage and storage unit. (pictured above) 

This was a last minute request which we started the very next day with little time to prepare. My plan was to have a donation section, but my client's plan was very different. EVERYTHING was thrown into the large rental dumpsters. I pleaded with him to let me donate many of his old books, maps, records and countless antiques, but he refused.

Because of this experience, here at CSO our goal is to ensure that reusable items are properly relocated to a donation center of your choice.

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